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Shoot your business

You only have one opportunity to make a great first impression... Seize it.

Have you ever found yourself in one of these situations?

·        The linkedin app invites you to upload a professional image to promote your person in an organic way... But digging into your camera roll and your folders on your PC, you're not sure whether to choose the selfie in a suit and tie or the photo taken by your friends during an evening in the company.

·        The "about us" page of your business, suggests the web designer or copywriter, should contain a photo of the founder/manager/CEO to strengthen the credibility of the brand and inspire trust... And yet, you can only find poor quality photos that would have the opposite effect.





Business headshots and portraits for Freelancers and Individuals

When presenting yourself or your service, it is crucial to present a high quality image – It will be the one that people will rely on and base their perceptions on you.
Unfortunately, many businesses decide not to invest in a professional photographers , considering them an "expendable" and irrelevant element.
They believe that a simple photo can't make a difference...
But this is completely wrong !

Personal Branding Photography
The truth is that every company and every person can benefit enormously through professional photography, regardless of the services it offers and regardless of the sector to which it belongs.
One of the first actions that are required for registration on the different platforms is to select a profile photo.
If you show a pixelated photo, you back in time and not updated on the latest technologies...

and a low-quality image could reveal a carelessness in detail, little reliability, and poor professionalism.
This applies both to a business website and a profile photo on Linkedin.

Corporate Portraits dedicated to Executives and Top Managers

So, if you want to be perceived seriously by any business or business contacts, the first step is to show a confident and highly professional image of yourself.

When it comes to marketing and promoting your business online successfully professional photos are a "must have".
Corporate Events
Don't miss the chance to impress your first impression: A photo can make all the difference!
Rely on professionals:

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