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Business Portraits for Freelancers and Individuals
A picture can make a difference

Very often the cost of professional photography means that entrepreneurs and freelancers are tempted to take photos independently or to choose a photo from their archive.

If you also share this opinion, remember that the photo you choose for your website will be your business card.

In an increasingly competitive business world, it takes very little not to be taken into account... starting from cheap quality headshots and pictures

Customers are looking for someone reliable and they can trust: What could be better than a professional figure who is not afraid to "put his face on it"?
A good headshot is essential to capture the immediate attention of the reader.
Websites with professional images receive over 90% more views than those without.
They are ideal if you want to stand out from the competition, as opposed to "stock" images, those downloaded from the web, which will not give you the visibility you are looking for.
And all this applies not only to companies, but also to small-medium enterprises and craft realities
Most of the time your ideal customers will search for your products/services on the internet before coming to a decision.
Presenting yourself with a flawless photo is an excellent requirement to stand out from the competition and remain etched in the mind of those who find you.
Any consumer will appreciate the effort you have made to present yourself at your best and will definitely increase your credibility in their eyes.
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